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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by July 10, 2019

Gemeco Debuts SmartSeal Temp Sensors

Photo: Gemeco

Gemeco introduced a solution for early detection and prevention of shaft seal failures on recreational, commercial, and municipal vessels. 

New from Tides Marine, its SmartSeal Temperature Sensors monitor the temperature of a boat's shaft seals and triggers a series of alarms when the water temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range.

SmartSeal solid-state temperature sensors detect an increase in water temperature within the shaft seal and will cause a warning alarm to sound, providing the crew with advanced notice of a problem. Further temperature increases trigger a critical alert indicating that a seal failure will occur if not corrected. Designed for quick connection to Tides Marine's SureSeal products, this system also works with other manufacturers' dripless shaft seals by simply changing the existing NPT water injection fittings.The control unit has a built-in engine room air temperature sensor and includes an
output for an optional remote siren or for connection to an onboard warning/alarm system.

Available for single or dual-engine installations, the SmartSeal kit includes a bulkhead mount control unit and sensor cable(s). Remote units designed for mounting at helm or flybridge positions as well as various NMEA components are also available.

SmartSeal main and remote units are IP66+ rated (waterproof for heavy spray and brief submersion) allowing units to be mounted in damp or wet locations. The panel mounted remote units are additionally O-ring sealed allowing use in locations that are exposed to rain or sea water (e.g. mounting on a flybridge).