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Maritime Propulsion

November 30, 2023

HamiltonJet Launches HJ215 Waterjet

Source: HamiltonJet

New Zealand-based HamiltonJet has launched its HJ215 waterjet, an ideal propulsion solution for a wide range of boats, says the company.

It is compact and lightweight and it is built for greater efficiency at high speeds, making it an excellent waterjet for thrill-seeking tourist crafts, search and rescue vessels and other marine sectors.

The new factory-made TURBO II impeller option offers superior performance where acceleration and high thrust in aerated water are important. 

The factory manufactured Trim Nozzle with electric actuation configuration delivers faster acceleration from the start and allows adjustment of the boat trim on the go.

The waterjet has been designed for close coupling to the engine near the transom, maximizing usable space within the boat and is supplied as a single packaged module, ready for easy installation. It has been designed to pair with HamiltonJet’s advanced AVXexpress electronic control system and will drop into an existing HJ213 hull space with no required modifications.

Engine alignment and controls set-up are simple, and an inboard inspection hatch allows access to the interior of the waterjet. Routine service can be completed without disturbing the hull seal. It has a full hydraulic reverse actuation system and is compatible with a diverse range of engines from global manufacturers.

All HamiltonJet waterjets utilize low-loss steering systems which save fuel when course keeping and minimize speed loss during tighter turns, including 360-degree maneuvering. Low speed maneuvering is also very efficient, due to the trust-vectoring capability of the steering and reverse system and due to their design and inboard impeller, the jets can operate in shallow waters making them safe for swimmers and other marine animals, such as whales.