Thursday, March 21, 2019
Maritime Propulsion

May 30, 2018

HamiltonJet to Unveil New Waterjet and Controls

HamiltonJet plans to launch a new generation of waterjets and advanced control systems at the SEAWORK show in July 2018.

The new generation waterjet named the HTX30 has undergone years of research, hydrodynamic design and testing delivering much stronger performance up to 570kW for use in patrol and commercial workboats up to 18m in overall length.

According to the manufacturer, the HTX30 is capable of achieving higher vessel top speed, improved maneuvering response, higher static thrust and faster vessel acceleration. In addition, the waterjet’s integrated design allows for much improved mechanical durability, easier installation, improved corrosion protection and enhanced steering and reverse capability.

The soon-to-be-unveiled advanced vessel control system is called AVX. The system is fully integrated with HamiltonJet waterjets and has dual redundancy for improved vessel system availability. The AVX system has been tested in a number of search and rescue boats for the past two years.

The AVX system has compact modules for optimum bridge layout, flexible installation, compact station display unit with color screen for improved status, ergonomics, and safety information.

AVX also has the JETanchor positioning system option available, featuring station keeping and virtual anchor functionality. Other advanced control options include interfaces for remote control for third party control systems (USVs), and the system is also ready for autonomous systems.

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