Thursday, February 21, 2019
Maritime Propulsion

January 24, 2018

Hempel Launches New Hull Performance System

(Image: Hempel)

Coatings manufacturer Hempel has rolled out its new Systems for Hull and Propeller Efficiency (SHAPE), which combines elements of hull and propeller efficiency optimization to deliver advice and solutions for ship operators.

SHAPE is designed to maximize the quality of performance analysis and to offer expert advice for maximizing hull efficiency and return on investment. Fouling and mechanical damages on the hull can increase the engine power a vessel needs by up to 20 percent. By utilizing SHAPE, in combination with Hempel's hull coatings, Hempel said it is able to provide documented fuel savings and a program of continuous improvement. Users of SHAPE are able to analyze the impact on performance of hull and propeller solutions and dry dockings as well as in service hull and propeller maintenance, allowing for data driven decision making.
Andreas Glud, Group Segment Manager, Marine, Dry Dock, said, "Hull performance remains a crucial element in understanding fuel performance. At Hempel we started focusing on fuel performance over a decade ago when we launched the first fuel savings guarantees in the industry. Our new Hempel SHAPE system allows us to gather high quality data, provide expert analysis, deliver decisive advice and world class hull coatings irrespective of the type, age, size and the operating patterns of a vessel – making ship operators more efficient and competitive. We are presenting our customers with something beyond performance monitoring, we are offering fuel efficiency intelligence."
SHAPE is based on the new standard in performance monitoring – the ISO 19030 – which was published a year ago. The ISO 19030 methodology describes how to measure changes in ship specific hull and propeller performance, and defines a set of relevant performance indicators for hull and propeller maintenance, and repair activities.
Specifically designed on the principles defined by ISO 19030, SHAPE can monitor the long-term trends via in service performance key performance indicator (KPI) but also short-term trends through the maintenance trigger KPI.
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