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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 11, 2013

Hybrid Marine Drive for Anchor Handling Tug

Norgear advanced Multi Step Hybrid Gear for a newbuild Anchor Handling Tug (AHT).

Shipyard Vard Brevik awarded Norwegian marine drive specialist Kumera AS a contract to deliver its Norgear advanced Multi Step Hybrid Gear for a newbuild Anchor Handling Tug (AHT). The sophisticated new AHT is designed with a green focus and will harness the latest fuel saving solutions to minimize environmental impact and optimize operations. The vessel is contracted by renowned Norwegian tug boat company Buksér og Berging AS and will be delivered in Q1 2015. The Multi Step Hybrid Gear contract is valued over NOK 5 million.

The Norgear advanced Multi Step Hybrid Gear is a key component in Buksér og Berging AS’ and Vard’s green engine/propulsion system designed for this class of tug. The system is capable of minimizing a vessel’s environmental impact by optimizing operations for various running modes. Significant fuel savings and emissions reductions are possible through this innovative system design, which is based on existing, proven technology. By enabling different operating modes for different tasks a vessel undertakes, Kumera’s Norgear Multi Step Hybrid Gear can achieve fuel savings up to a level of 40-50% (operation specific).

The project will be executed by Kumera AS (KAS), in close cooperation with Buksér og Berging AS as partner in the development of the gear solution. Kumera AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kumera Drives OY and has since the 1970s been globally responsible for marine drives within the Kumera Corporation. Kumera AS is a marine drive solutions provider, custom building drives for marine, offshore and subsea applications. KAS offers a broad portfolio of marine drive products and solutions for main propulsion, hybrid, auxiliary, deck machinery, etc. All products and solutions are based on Kumera’s established technical competence and experience with mechanical drives.

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