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Maritime Propulsion

posted by October 23, 2015

Hybrid Propulsion for New Fairplay Tugs

The Fairplay fleet in Rotterdam welcomed two new members: The hybrid tractor tugs Fairplay IX and Fairplay XI, each equipped with a Schottel hybrid propulsion system including two Schottel Rudderpropellers SRP 4000 with hybrid gearboxes, two electric motors and an integrated steering control system, specialized for hybrid propulsion. The installed hybrid propulsion concept enables the Fairplay tugs to operate with an optimal power output, according to the propulsion manufacturer. At part load, the electric motors (600 kW each) suffice while the two MTU diesel engines (2,240 kW each) are employed for operation at full load. Here, the electric motor can be switched on to provide additional power. The 29m long tractor tugs have a bollard pull of 90t and travel at a maximum speed of 13.5 knots.

The Schottel hybrid propulsion concept is suitable for Rudderpropellers with power input ratings of up to 4,200 kW. It offers a flexible combination of diesel engine and electric motor power due to the hybrid gearbox. The power output of the electric motor is variable according to the applied diesel engine performance and rotation speed. Another feature of the Schottel one-stop-shop hybrid propulsion solution is the included steering control which is optimized for the flexible operation with two different motor types and integrated in the vessel’s control panel from the outset.
(As published in the September 2015 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -