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Maritime Propulsion

September 6, 2011

Interest in DP Capability Forecast Software Exceeds Amarcon’s Expectations

In 2010 Amarcon’s OCTOPUS-DP Capability forecast for efficient offshore DP operations was brought to the market. The OCTOPUS-DP functionality gives offshore vessels the possibility to make optimum use of a safe time window for their weather-sensitive operations.

The first installation of the OCTOPUS-DP Capability forecast software was performed on the LNG Carriers Suez Neptune and Suez Cape Ann, in order to facilitate a safe time window so that the vessels LNG can safely be discharged. The OCTOPUS-DP functionality can not be compared with already existing Dynamic Positioning Systems. Where traditional DP systems try to keep the vessels position during an offshore operation, OCTOPUS-DP takes it one step further. A forecast is given if the vessel is capable of maintaining her position and heading in changing environmental and weather conditions, hours and days ahead. This forecast is presented in a clear time window, so that the crew can easily see if the offshore operation can be executed, and under which heading this can be done. The OCTOPUS-DP Capability forecast software can be installed as an add-on on any vessel which already is equipped with a DP-system. Typical installation time is only one day, for new builds and ships in operation.
The applicability of the product should be seen in a broad context. In 2011 various Heavy Lift shipping companies and offshore contractors have shown interest in the state of the art DP Forecast functionality, thus leading to several orders for the product. “This means a great deal to us,” says Amarcon’s managing director Leon Adegeest. “It is good to see that very diverse companies within the shipping industry acknowledge the relevance of the product for their day-to-day business.” Earlier this year, Fred Olsen Windcarrier purchased the DP Capability forecast function for offshore windmill installations. Second in line was the order from Harren & Partner, just a few months ago. The OCTOPUS-DP Capability forecast shall be installed on three of their multipurpose heavy lift vessels. Last in line is Sal Heavy Lift Shipping, which also ordered the functionality for one her multipurpose heavy lift vessels, this way the above mentioned companies will be able to plan offshore operations very accurately, using the valuable time windows as efficient as possible.

Leon Adegeest is optimistic about the viability of the OCTOPUS-DP Capability forecast software: “Our business is to help our clients to perform their every day operations in a safe and cost effective way. Without getting lost in technical terms, that is exactly what our OCTOPUS-DP functionality does.”

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