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Posted by January 6, 2017

John Deere Marine Engines Meet RCD II

Image: John Deere Power Systems

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) announced that eight of its marine propulsion engines meet the Recreational Craft Directive II (RCD II). The lineup of PowerTech marine engines with power ratings from 75 to 559 kW (100 to 750 hp) offers customers a broad selection of reliable and powerful engine options. 

The PowerTech propulsion engines that meet the requirements for RCD II will be European Conformity (CE) marked in accordance with the new directive. Models and ratings for the lineup include:
  • PowerTech 4.5L, model 4045TFM85: 75-93 kW (100-125 hp) at 2400-2500 rpm
  • PowerTech 4.5L, model 4045AFM85: 119-168 kW (160-225 hp) at 2300-2600 rpm
  • PowerTech 6.8L, model 6068AFM85: 172-246 kW (230-330 hp) at 2300-2600 rpm
  • PowerTech 6.8L, model 6068SFM85: 186-298 kW (249-400 hp) at 2400-2800 rpm
  • PowerTech 9.0L, model 6090AFM85: 213-317 kW (285-425 hp) at 2100-2400 rpm
  • PowerTech 9.0L, model 6090SFM85: 242-410 kW (325-550 hp) at 2100-2500 rpm
  • PowerTech 13.5L, model 6135AFM85: 272-429 kW (365-575 hp) at 1800-2100 rpm
  • PowerTech 13.5L, model 6135SFM85: 317-559 kW (425-750 hp) at 1800-2200 rpm
“We are fully prepared to meet the needs of our global customers and are pleased to offer power solutions that comply with the latest international marine directives,” said Martin Ryley, manager, marketing services and sales engineering for Europe, Africa and the Middle East at John Deere Power Systems. “Our lineup of marine engines is an excellent choice for newly constructed and repowered vessels, which allows both boat builders and owners to have confidence in meeting the regulatory standards where the vessels operate.”
Directive 2013/53/EU went into effect January 18, 2016, and allowed for a one-year transition period with enforcement to begin on January 18, 2017. The directive, which impacts the watercraft and its components, specifically mentions manufacturers must verify that their suppliers can provide propulsion engines and the necessary documentation to ensure engines meet the new requirements. Moving forward, only products that are compliant and tested according to the new directive will be accepted. 
“Our marine engine lineup meets the exhaust emissions limits set forth in the new directive while maintaining the power and performance standards representative of a John Deere engine,” added Ryley. “With multiple configuration options, our reliable, powerful engines offer flexibility for a variety of marine application needs in a cost-effective package.”
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