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Maritime Propulsion

July 6, 2021

Kongsberg to Equip Seaworks' Innovative New Bulker

(Image: Kongsberg Maritime)

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) said it has been commissioned to deliver an integrated equipment and systems package for an environmentally-responsible new bulk carrier project.

The gas-powered ship – which can be fueled using either zero CO2 emission liquefied biogas (LBG) or conventional liquefied natural gas (LNG) – is being built for the Norwegian short sea shipping company Seaworks, utilizing a design which originated with Norwegian naval architect Polarkonsult.

The mechanical aspects of KM’s scope of delivery encompass steering and reduction gear, bow and stern thrusters, the rudder, a controllable pitch propeller system and a Bergen gas main engine. On the electrical and digital side, the delivery includes energy and power management systems, an energy storage unit, an electro package and a K-Chief marine automation system for monitoring and control of all key vessel functions.

The bulk carrier is now being constructed in Wuhu, China after tendering process saw 15 shipyards throughout Europe and China bidding for the contract. Pandemic restrictions slowed down the contract negotiations, resulting in a few months’ delay to the original schedule.

“Owing to the exceptional global circumstances, getting the build properly under way has been a long road, which began in March 2020, but it’s a project well worth persevering with,” said Bård Bjørløw, EVP Global Sales and Marketing, Kongsberg Maritime. “We’re moving towards halving the emissions you’d normally associate with vessels of this size and specification, so this bulk carrier represents something of a showcase for fuel-efficient, future-focused and environmentally-friendly maritime freight transport solutions.”