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Maritime Propulsion

April 4, 2022

Kongsberg Rolls Out CPX Propeller Lineup

(Photo: Kongsberg Maritime)

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) announced it is dividing its propeller systems into three distinct categories, C-Line, P-Line, and X-Line.

The ‘C’ in C-Line stands for ‘Configured’, and indicates that these propellers are configured within a pre-defined technical spectrum to suit customers whose priorities are short lead times and a strong performance-to-cost ratio, the manufacturer said. Numerous options are available within the C-Line propeller solution to fine-tune the offering further, presented in a lucid and straightforward manner which simplifies the decision process for customers. C-line enables higher quality and performance for the volume market.

KM said its P-Line propellers prioritize Performance, and are therefore suitable for customers prioritizing propeller requirements such as the highest efficiency and the lowest levels of noise and vibration. Multiple options are offered, and an expert KONGSBERG engineer will consult closely with customers to ensure that P-Line propellers are designed to their exact hydrodynamic and mechanical specifications.

The ‘X’ in X-Line denotes ‘Extreme’, underlining the fact that these are fully-tailored propeller solutions intended for customers with an exceptional requirement for special features which go well beyond the norm, KM said. Close collaboration between customers and an appointed KONGSBERG project team is a fundamental facet of X-Line propeller solutions, and KM is pleased to confirm that the option possibilities herein are limitless, extending to the inclusion of R&D (research & development) for new solutions.

“We’re very excited to continue the regional rollout of our CPX propeller solutions, improving our competitiveness in the volume market,” said Trond Paulsen, VP Propulsion and Engine Sales at Kongsberg Maritime. “The CPX lines give us great flexibility as well as allowing us a quicker response time when dealing with shipyards and designers. The clear definitions within CPX allow KONGSBERG to remain flexible while still being competitive on almost all vessel types above 1,000kW. We believe this will really help us to grow market shares for propellers, both as standalone items and complete solutions.”