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Maritime Propulsion

August 30, 2011

Krill Systems Announces New Management Tool

Krill Vessel Operations Center

Krill Systems Inc., a leader in advanced fuel and vessel monitoring systems, announces an important new management tool, the Vessel Operations Center (VOC), that allows Fleet Managers to monitor entire fleet fuel usage and receive synchronized fleet reports anywhere they are required, automatically, via Internet.

Headquartered in Bainbridge Island, WA, Krill Systems is enjoying strong growth in: Offshore Towing, Inland Towing, Ferry and OSV markets, with successful fittings on individual boats of major corporations operating in these fields. Guided by a central philosophy that “Knowledge Is Power”, Krill Systems delivers five steps to optimum operating efficiency:

1.    Expense Control    (Monitoring of fuel consumption, and other data)
2.    Collect            (Collection and storage of sensor data)
3.    Record            (Recording of all sensors)
4.    Transmit        (Transmission of all data using standard SMTP email protocols)
5.    Analyze            (Instant delivery of vital information, wherever it is needed)

Krill Systems uses Microsoft SQL server database technology to record all sensor data with 2 second resolution and storage capacity of at least one year. Any communication system including Cellular or Satellite internet access, supporting standard SMTP email protocols, may be used to transmit customizable reports and sensor data menus, in Excel format, to any number of operators, anywhere.

While every Krill-fitted vessel in a fleet has its own database, the Vessel Operations Center (VOC) collects the database from each vessel in the fleet and consolidates them into a single ‘VOC’ database. The ‘VOC’ database is continuously synchronized with all vessel databases in the fleet and provides a single overview of all vessel activity, in customizable format, delivered in near-real time, with no monthly fees. In this way, the Krill VOC provides fleet managers a powerful tool to make the decisions needed to run an efficient fleet operation.

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