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Posted by March 2, 2017

Langh Tech Water Treatment for EGR Systems

Photo: Langh Tech

Having established its position in the market for supplying scrubbers and water treatment systems, Langh Tech is now expanding its water treatment technology to new areas.

Langh Tech said it  has been working in cooperation with MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT) to develop a water treatment system to be used for cleaning the process water of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems. EGR is a method to reduce NOx emissions to meet Tier III requirements. In the EGR process, approximately one third of the exhaust gas is recycled back into the engine, first removing the particles from the redirected gases with a small scrubber. The process water from exhaust gas washing is continuously cleaned during EGR operation and this is where Langh Tech’s water treatment technology is applied. Langh Tech water treatment is based on membrane filtration, meaning that the operational costs are kept low and the waste consists only of small amounts of compact dry sludge.

The first test runs of the system were performed in December 2015 at the MDT testing facility in Copenhagen, using a small-scale prototype built into a container. The results were good, leading to continued and deepened cooperation between the companies. The process has been fine-tuned over time, and now MDT has granted approval for the Langh Tech water treatment system to be used in combination with the EGR process. The approval process includes a long-term testing period in cooperation with MDT.

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