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Maritime Propulsion

July 8, 2014

Latest Meercat is Powered by Doosan

  • Jac Y Do (Photo courtesy of WaterMota)
  • Jac Y Do (Photo courtesy of WaterMota)
  • Jac Y Do (Photo courtesy of WaterMota)
  • Jac Y Do (Photo courtesy of WaterMota)

The latest Meercat has been launched for Conwy Harbour Authority, for use as a port service vessel.

The monohull vessel Jac Y Do measures 14 x 5 meters and is powered by twin Doosan L136 six-cylinder heavy duty engines each developing 160bhp / 118kW at 2,200rpm, supplied by WaterMota.

The vessel has been built to serve several uses including general harbor maintenance, doubling as a fully operational dispersal dredger while also being suitable for secondary fire control.

James Lewis, General Manager, Meercat Workboats, explained, “She’s a truly versatile workboat capable of many different roles from port service to dredging.”

Specifications for the vessel included a bow thruster, firefighting capabilities, full dredging spread with hydraulic cutter and jetting head, Iron Fist 17 t/m crane and hydraulically operated spud legs.

The eight-liter Doosan engine – marine rated to ISO 3046 – benefits from direct-injection via a mechanical governor. The engine is naturally aspirated without turbocharger or intercooling with this simplicity making it a firm favorite with users who want an engine with good torque characteristics which falls below the 130kW EIAPP certification requirement.

“The L136 is a very traditional, cost-effective, non-complex marine diesel engine,” explained WaterMota Sales Manager, Tony Fryer. “The ‘flat’ torque and horsepower curve make it ideal for the fishing and workboat market.

“The engine has a proven history having been in production in various forms for at least 15 years and very economical in service with reports of it being more economical than engines it has replaced. There are many examples of engines in the field which are more than ten years old which have never been overhauled.”

He added, “It’s naturally aspirated for maximum longevity and in addition, the maintenance is very simple.”

Other equipment supplied by WaterMota includes two PRM 1000 gearboxes each with a 3:1 reduction and a clutched PTO drive and a JMP 1.5in 24 volt bilge/deckwash pump.