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Maritime Propulsion

September 10, 2018

ZF to Launch New Marine Transmission Series

With its modular design, the new ZF 8000 marine transmission family gives manufacturers and fleet operators great flexibility. Shown here: ZF 8300 PTI. Photo: ZF

The ZF 8000 model range is a new marine transmission family for outputs up to a maximum of 3,000 kW. The ZF 8000 range is available in multiple transmission ratios, housing sizes and variants giving manufacturers a high degree of flexibility for new build projects and retrofits.
To this end the ZF 8000 covers a wide-ranging field of applications, from coast guard vessels and yachts to ferries, supply ships and small tankers. An additional power take-in makes it possible to integrate an electric motor for hybrid functions. During the development of the new transmission, ZF benefited from decades of experience as a specialist in marine propulsion technology.

The ZF 8000 marine transmission family fulfills the current requirements of international classification societies, and in addition is prepared to face future regulations.

Thanks to an optional sub-shaft, the ZF 8000 can be coupled with an electric drive. This lets vessels maneuver with zero fuel and emissions.
The modular, compact design of the transmission saves installation space and weight and also allows for a flexible installation in the ship’s hull. Both a parallel installation with a vertical offset and a down-angle concept are available. The same goes for U or V configurations, so yards and designers have greater freedom when designing new vessels and fleet operators have more freedom when retrofitting their fleet.
Series prototypes are planned for the first quarter of 2019.