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Posted by August 27, 2014

WR Launches On-stack Scrubber Emission Monitor

Emsys-iS (Image courtesy of WR Systems)

WR Systems (WR), the U.S.-based maritime technology company, is launching a new variant of its laser-based-emissions monitor at the SMM 2014 Fair in Hamburg. Called the Emsys-iS, the new system is designed specifically for scrubber applications and is targeted at both scrubber manufacturers and shipowners.

Simon Brown, WR’s International Business Director, explained the reasons for the new product: “Our standard Emsys extractive unit was just too over-specified for the application. Scrubbers just need monitoring of SO2 and CO2, so all our other gases and PM features were not required. Our customers love the calibration-free Laser technology but asked us to pare down the specification and make it a more compact unit which helps in their scrubber retrofits. Our team looked at simplifying the installation, reducing the monitored gases and removing the non-mandated gases. The Emsys-iS has all the horsepower of Emsys, just in a small and more importantly, cost-effective package.”

WR plan to start delivering the new product on January 1, 2015, to coincide with the introduction of the IMO Emissions Control Area regulations regarding sulphur.

Brown continued, “Our Emsys system has been deployed on around 20 scrubber projects so far; our philosophy has never been to sell products rather than sell solutions. So when the users give feedback on their requirements after gaining experience in this developing market, our team comes up with innovative ideas backed by sound engineering. The Emsys-iS is only 800mm x 600mm x 300mm so fits right on the stack. We provide both a real-time output to control the scrubber operation and approved data records for ECA compliance. I am really looking forward to SMM as I am convinced the Emsys-iS meets the industry’s needs for specification, simplicity and value.”


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