Saturday, April 20, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

March 1, 2024

LMG Marin Tapped to Support Eastern Pacific eSAIL Install

LMG Marin France reports it has secured an engineering contract with Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) for integration of bound4blue eSAILs

EPS will install its first ever wind-assisted propulsion system, three 22-metrer eSAILs o,n board the 2019-built oil and chemical tanker Pacific Sentinel in Q4 this year. The expected net gains in term of consumption are 10% subject to routing.

LMG Marin said it worked with EPS, bound4blue, ABS to ensure preliminary feasibility studies of the turnkey eSAILs solution onboard the 183-metre, 50,000 DWT Pacific Sentinel, evaluating different concepts to select the most suitable arrangement in terms of technical integration, regulatory compliance, performance, commercial operation, ATEX areas and more. The studies also helped understand the consequences derived onboard the vessel, thus minimizing the conversion cost, and facilitating integration work at the shipyard.

Following the feasibility studies, LMG Marin France has been awarded a turnkey engineering package for Class Approval (Basic Design) and Shipyard Conversion Documentation (Detail Design).

As an independent ship design and naval engineering office LMG Marin, a Seatrium company, ensures that wind assistance solutions can be installed onboard existing or new designs in an efficient way. 

Vincent Rudelle, Managing Director of LMG Marin France, said, “With the global fleet of vessels already using or set to be retrofitted with wind assistance technologies surpassing 50 for the first time in early 2024, we can see the market momentum for wind assistance technologies is strong. LMG Marin role is to make sure the technology keeps developing while ensuring safety for crews, regulatory compliance, and efficiency of shipping operations.”