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LNG Marine Fuel Institute Launched in Canberra

ToPH CEO David Pentz and Mayor Camilo Blanco with Richard Sandover from Jackson McDonald and Mike Utsler, Chief Operating Officer for Woodside Energy. (Photo: Town of Port Hedland)

Port Hedland Mayor, Camilo Blanco, and the Town of Port Hedland’s CEO, David Pentz, attended the launch of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute at Parliament House, Canberra on Wednesday, June 21.

The Institute, which was opened by The Honorable Josh Frydenberg MP, Federal Minister for the Environment and Energy, hopes to see Australian LNG as the primary fuel for marine transportation, powering the road, rail and mining industries.
Mayor Blanco said that the Institute will work with industry and Government partners to position Australia at the forefront of LNG, as a marine fuel and for future fuels development.
“We were honored to have been invited to attend the launch of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute,” he said. “This group of innovative leaders has identified an opportunity to position Australia at the forefront of LNG as a marine fuel and for future fuels development.”
The LNG Marine Fuel Institute will support the establishment of a 'green corridor' for the bulk ore and LNG export trade between Australia and Asia. They believe that collaboration between industry, government and the community will lead to the establishment of an LNG bunkering industry in Australia, jobs for Australians and enhanced energy security for Australia.
“The desire for cleaner fuels is creating a potential worldwide market for LNG as a transition fuel to renewables.  With extensive gas reserves, especially in Western Australia, there is a significant business case to develop these energy resources for the benefit of the local economy,” said Mayor Blanco.
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