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Maritime Propulsion

August 18, 2020

Mack Boring to Supply OXE Diesel Outboards for USCG

(File photo: OXE Marine)

OXE distributor Mack Boring & Parts Co. will supply four OXE Diesel Outboard units to the U.S. Coast Guard through a DLA Tailored Logistics Support Contract.

The engines will be part of a project to refit existing vessels with diesel outboards for various operations. This purchase comes after a long period of rigorous testing and evaluation of the OXE Diesel product performed by the USCG R&D center supported by Mack Boring.

“We are looking forward to building on our longstanding and beneficial relationship with the USCG. The OXE Diesel offers the durability, performance and fuel economy of diesel engines along with the advantages of outboards making it a great solution for military and commercial markets. We have supported the U.S. military for many years and we are excited to bring them this innovative product.” said Scott DuBrow, Director of Sales & Marketing, Mack Boring & Parts Co.

“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of this first commercial order from the United States Coast Guard. The support provided by our U.S. distributor, Mack Boring & Parts, during the test and validation period with the USCG has been instrumental and would like to thank them for their efforts and patience. I have no doubts this will the first of many orders and we look forward to servicing the U.S. government – they are potentially by far the largest consumer in the global governmental market for the power range of our product,” said Myron Mahendra, CEO OXE Marine AB.