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Maritime Propulsion

December 12, 2023

MAN and Alfa Laval Collaborate on Four-Stroke Methanol Solution

Source: Alfa Laval

MAN Energy Solutions has announced an agreement with Alfa Laval to develop a methanol fuel-supply solution for MAN four-stroke engines and its fuel-injection technology. As a result, the first four-stroke engine types will be capable of retrofit to methanol operation from 2025.

MAN Energy Solutions and Alfa Laval previously collaborated on decarbonising shipping in 2014 when the very first methanol solution for two-stroke marine engines was in development. To date, this is still the only such system in use at sea with over 150,000 hours of operation.

In the new venture, Alfa Laval will provide the liquid fuel supply system itself, as well as the control system, fuel-valve train, and auxiliary functions like the purging system. It will initially design and build a prototype at its facility in Monza, Italy, before delivering it for testing on a methanol engine at MAN Energy Solutions facilities in Augsburg, Germany, in early 2024.

Earlier this month, Alfa Laval announced its fuel supply system FCM Methanol had been selected by Maersk for their pioneering methanol retrofit project to enable the container vessel Maersk Halifax to operate on methanol fuel. Alfa Laval says sailing with green methanol fuel is a sustainable option to reduce emissions, but it requires a fuel supply system that can handle the fuel safely and effectively. With over 80 ships contracted, Alfa Laval has the longest experience in methanol fuel supply system installation and service since 2015, with over 450,000 hours of operations.