Friday, March 1, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

January 22, 2024

MAN Cryo Ammonia Fuel-supply System Earns AIP

(Image: MAN Cryo)

MAN Cryo announced its design for an ammonia fuel-supply system to safely provide ammonia to marine-engine applications has been awarded an Approval in Principle from classification societies, DNV and Bureau Veritas.

MAN Cryo, part of MAN Energy Solutions, developed the system in cooperation with Chinese company Yada Green Energy Solutions, with whom the company has previously cooperated to provide equipment for LNG and methanol marine fuels.

Xiang Guangqing, Chairman, Yada Green Energy Solutions, said, “Facing the climate-change issue, no one can solve it alone and we firmly believe that cooperation is a powerful means of achieving this. YADA and MAN Cryo are customer-centric operators, providing high-quality, dual-fuel system solutions and continuously achieving new breakthroughs in handling methanol and ammonia.

“Yada Green Energy Solutions has set ambitious goals to accelerate the green transformation of the global-transportation industry. Working together to support global development, understanding and anticipating customer needs is an important driving force for our daily work. MAN Cryo and YADA will unite with industry peers, embrace innovation and cooperation, and jointly move towards the sustainable future of global shipping.”

Henrik Malm, Managing Director, MAN Energy Solutions Sweden, said, “We are pleased to announce the successful achievement of a significant strategic milestone for MAN Cryo in cooperation with Yada Green Energy Solutions. This accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to our global customer base as we collectively work towards a decarbonised world. The establishment of a secure and reliable fuel-supply system for future ammonia engines marks a pivotal development.

“Ship owners can rest assured that MAN Cryo, in cooperation with Yada Green Energy Solutions, is delivering a market-ready solution adhering to the highest security standards and embodying world-class engineering. Once again, MAN Cryo has demonstrated pioneering leadership in the engineering of fuel-supply systems for emerging fuel solutions. This achievement further solidifies our position as industry innovators, dedicated to advancing cutting-edge solutions in response to the evolving landscape of sustainable energy.”