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Posted by January 29, 2020

MAN to Open New Propeller Facility in China

(from left): Poul Knudsgaard, Head of Four Stroke Denmark, Jan Zebitz, Head of Aft Ship & Propeller, Stjepan Kucifer, Managing Director MAN ES China Production, and Kui Xi, CFO MAN ES Shanghai China (Photo: MAN Energy Solutions)_

Intercompany agreement signed between MAN Energy Solutions’ China Production and Four-Stroke Denmark’s Aft Ship & Propeller Department will establish a local CPP Assembly & Test facility with the aim to expand the propeller business further into the Chinese market.

The target is to double the market share, and the plan is to start assembling the first systems in the middle of 2020, the company said.

Jan Zebitz, Head of Aft Ship & Propeller, said: “There are several reasons for us to move closer to the Chinese market. Businesswise, this setup will help us to fulfill the upcoming local content requirements in China. At the same time, our competitiveness for the MAN Alpha Propeller brand will increase since we will reduce our delivery time with up to 10 weeks for the Chinese market, and we expect quite a significant cost reduction when we have finalized a complete supply chain in China.”

He continued: “Already from day one, we will see shipping savings because we will not be buying components in China, which we ship to Denmark and then after tests - all the way back to our Chinese customers. From an environmental point of view, we will leave a greener footprint when avoiding the transportation between China and Denmark. Now finally, we have all the formal steps approved and now it´s time to make it real.”

Stjepan Kucifer, Managing Director MAN Energy Solutions, China Production, said, “It was clear to me that MAN Energy Solutions could gain an even better market position in China if we created a CPP Assembly & Test facility here in Changzhou. At the same time, I feel confident that this additional business segment will complement existing segments such as Turbomachinery, Turbocharger and RENK bearings production. In general, I am sure this step will contribute to the further development of MAN Changzhou.”

Poul Knudsgaard, Head of Four Stroke Denmark, MAN Energy Solutions, said, “I’m sure that this important step will enable the whole Aft Ship & Propeller team to increase our sales of MAN Alpha-branded products in the Chinese market.”

MAN Alpha propellers and aft ship solutions are designed in Denmark and date all the way back to the 1902-production of the first CP Propeller-based propulsion package – and the first Alpha CPP with mechanical pitch control, which was patented in 1903.

Over the years, more than 7,000 propellers have been delivered for the propulsion of ships at all corners of the globe – operating under various and extreme environments ranging from tropical fresh water to ice-packed arctic climates, and the more ordinary and dominating trades in oceanic, coastal, inland waterway shipping or workboat services via shallow waters, lakes, channels, rivers and harbors.

Today, dedicated Propeller R&D departments with hydrodynamic, mechanical experts and design engineers located in Frederikshavn and Copenhagen are cooperating with the world’s leading test tanks and research institutes for verification of performance optimization related to e.g. fuel savings, speed, efficiency, cavitation and noise.

The core portfolio of MAN Alpha CP Propeller and aft ship solutions integrates perfectly with the wide program of MAN engine designs. Tailored propulsion solutions are available for individually optimized applications ranging e.g. from MAN high-speed-powered patrol boats and naval vessels, medium-speed-powered dredgers, container feeders and fishing vessels – to MAN B&W low-speed-powered Ro-Ros and tankers.

The associated Alphatronic 3000 Propulsion Control System controls both straightforward CP Propeller plants (and FP Propeller plants, which are not included in the above assembly and test agreement) and can be customized for various propulsion application combinations of single- and multi-propeller diesel-mechanical, hybrid or diesel-electric propulsion setups.

Image: MAN Energy Solutions

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