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Maritime Propulsion

August 30, 2018

A Mercury Marine-Powered Test Run Around Manhattan

Photo: Greg Trauthwein

A great way to spend my first day back from vacation was hurtling down the Hudson River in New York City at 65 mph on a 40-ft. Invincible catamaran, powered by four 350-HP Mercury outboard engines.

Mercury Marine was in town to offer test drives on a variety of new boats, and as the video below suggest modern outboard engines are powerful and quiet. The 40-ft. Invincible offered an amazing, smooth ride on the Hudson amid some significant wind and river track driven chop.

If you're wondering about the engine covers on the boat, they were custom made as the 40-ft. Invincible in the video was the personal boat of New York Knick guard Lance Thomas, who offered his boat for use at the event.

Watch this space as well as the pages of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News for more coverage of the new Mercury Marine outboard engines.

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