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Posted by February 29, 2016

MET Turbochargers Approved for X-DF Engines

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME)'s latest MET-MB series have been officially approved to be installed in Wartsila X-DF engine series which is Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd (WinGD)’s latest dual fuel engine. Now, MET turbochargers are available to be adopted to all large WinGD's low speed marine main engine.

Wartsila X-DF engine is a next-generation dual fuel engine for which both diesel and gas fuel can be used. Recently gas fuel engine is gathering attention as marine engine due to the superior emission characterized by a decrease in CO2; consequently, it brings about environmental benefits. Therefore, the demands for X-DF engine are expected to increase.

The verification test was carried out at Diesel United, Ltd. (DU) with DU manufactured engine (W6X72DF). The W6X72DF engine which was installed with two sets of MET60MB turbochargers was tested in both diesel and gas mode from December, 2015 in the presence of WinGD's engineer's witness. After the various verification tests, it was proved that the MET turbocharger performance has enough capability to satisfy the WinGD's requirement for Wartsila X-DF engines.

MET turbocharger is now applicable to all X-DF engines, Wartsila RTflex50DF,X52DF, X62DF, X72DF, X82DF and X92DF. These entire X-DF engines with MET turbocharger are now ready to be delivered from all South Korean, Chinese and Japanese X-DF engine licensees.

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