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Gabby June 26, 2018

MIRATECH Launches New Catalyst Line

  • MeC Internal Illustration (Photo:MIRATECH)
  • MeC Catalyst Warranty (Photo:MIRATECH)
  • MeC Internal Illustration (Photo:MIRATECH)
  • MeC Catalyst Warranty (Photo:MIRATECH)

MIRATECH announced the launch of a new line of catalyst products for controlling emissions from natural gas engines.


These catalysts control CO, VOCs and formaldehyde emissions from lean-burn 4-stroke natural gas engines, and NOx, CO, VOCs and formaldehyde emissions from rich-burn 4-stroke natural gas engines.  Gas engines impact the oil and gas industry and the power generation sector worldwide.  These emission catalysts will assure engine owners regulatory compliance over long service intervals.

The catalyst products were developed as a result of MIRATECH’s acquisition of EmeraChem LLC, an OEM catalyst developer (hence, the brandname MeC). MIRATECH offers two grades of oxidation catalyst and two grades of three-way catalyst to suit customers’ performance and budget requirements.  The standard MeC catalyst line carries a 1-year performance warranty. MIRATECH’s MeC-B catalyst line has the durability to carry a full 3-year performance warranty.

Previously, MIRATECH’s engine emission control systems incorporated catalysts specified by MIRATECH engineers and manufactured by others.  Some of these catalysts incorporated features such as the Vortex and the NEXT substrates.

EmeraChem has developed catalyst products that focus on nano surface technologies and metal formulations. EmeraChem’s catalyst achieved similar catalytic performance but created less backpressure for the engine. Following the acquisition, engineers and scientists at MIRATECH and EmeraChem collaborated on the development of the MeC catalyst design.  .  

The MeC catalysts are built on a turbulent substrate. The ceramic coatings provide durability and high surface area with additives for high temperature operation. The precious metal formulations are robust, durable and regenerable using MIRATECH’s chemical wash process.  Substrate layers are mechanically locked together for strength then diffusion bonded for rigidity. On the round substrates, layers are also welded together to prevent separation and gaps.


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