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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by December 23, 2014

MJP Introduces Hybrid Waterject

Marine Jet Power (MJP) introduced a new product concept that is optimized for high-speed applications. According to MJP, the new hybrid waterjet combines the best characteristics of the MJP DRB series with the Ultrajet series. MJP said the idea to take the best from its DRB and Ultrajet series and make a Hybrid that is optimized for high-speed applications came soon after MJP’s merger with Ultrajet. According to MJP, its DRB products show superior wear strengths and performance, so the company started building the new concept from there. Then it added mixed-flow technology with minimum tip clearance and inboard hydraulics mounted in an aluminum frame for a package suitable for all high-speed applications.


(As published in the November 2014 edition of Maritime Reporter & Engineering News -