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Maritime Propulsion

September 14, 2016

MN100: GE Transportation Marine

  • (Photo: GE)_
  • Jamie Miller (Photo: GE)_
  • (Photo: GE)_
  • Jamie Miller (Photo: GE)_

The Company:
GE Transportation is a global digital industrial leader and supplier to the marine industry. Established more than a century ago, GE Transportation is a division of the General Electric Company that began as a pioneer in passenger and freight locomotives. That innovative spirit still drives GE Transportation today. The firm employs about 10,000.

Primary Product / Service:

GE’s Marine Solutions is at the forefront of emissions reductions with its breakthrough technology that achieves optimal operational and emissions compliance in medium-speed diesel engines. The latest series of its L250 and V250 diesel engines are certified to EPA Tier 4 and IMO III without the use of exhaust after-treatment and urea injection. Available in 6 and 8 cylinder in-line engines and 12 and 16 cylinder V-type engines, our power range covers 1500 - 4700 kW at 900 or 1000 rpm. The GE diesel engines are easy to maintain, are highly reliable and have lowest fuel consumption in class.

The Case:

GE Transportation continues to invest in the marine industry to offer the lowest emission diesel engine technology, certified to EPA Tier 4 and IMO III, while maintaining the lowest cost of operating. GE engines are supported by a global network of channel partners providing 24/7 parts and service support to the marine industry. Recent orders and deliveries, to name a few, include: 5x 12V250 Oceaneering 2x 12V250 - Harvey Gulf 2x 12V250 - Reinauer Transportation 6x 8L250 - Ingram Barge 2x 12V250 – AMA.

2901 East Lake Road
Erie, PA 16531
Telephone: (814) 875-3382
CEO/President: Jamie Miller
(As published in the August 2016 MN100 edition of Marine News)
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