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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 20, 2013

Model FPS-8 Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning System

The Dieselcraft FPS-8 is a modular tank cleaning system designed for the transfer and/or recirculating of diesel fuel in boats, generators and any other diesel vehicles with less than 500-gallon fuel tanks.

The Dieselcraft FPS-8 removes more than 99% of water and large contamination in fuel, the manufacturer claims.

The system utilizes an 8.3 gallon per minute, continuous duty gear pump in conjunction with a Dieselcraft Model 200 -500 Fuel Stabilizer, a 5x16 fuel purifier plus a 10 micron 3.8" diameter by 8.5" long spin on filters. The filter head will accept water block filters and filters to 1 micron.

Also includes two 10 foot suction and discharge hoses included plus a digital flow meter to accurately measure the amount of fuel cleaned and a water/debris alarm to indicate time to drain the purifier.

The FPS-8 comes with 115/230 volt single phase 1/3hp motor with standard wall plug connector cable and an on/off switch. Dimensions - 19.5 x19.5 x 40" tall. The frame is epoxy powder coated and rolls on semi-pneumatic tires.