Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Maritime Propulsion

Posted by February 6, 2017

Moensi Extends MPR’s Blue Fits Service

New team member Harold Moensi (Photo: MPR BV)

Harold Moensi has joined the Maritime Propeller Repairs BV (MPR BV) team at its workshop in Drunen.

A specialist in the blue fitting of propellers, Moensi has a wealth of experience, and is known throughout the industry for carrying out blue fits on propellers, rudders and conical shaft couplings.

With Moensi now on the team, MPR said it is able to improve its offering with added expertise in this area.

Blue fitting of propellers, rudders and conical shaft couplings is recommended by all class associations, not only in the case of the first mounting, but also when the parts are re-mounted after damage repairs. MPR can carry out blue fits for customers on location worldwide.

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