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Posted by July 19, 2017

More Port Data Added to NaviPlanner

Nautisk’s NaviPlanner, a voyage planning solution which utilizes touch-screen functionality and cloud technology based on the Microsoft Azure platform, is set to be enhanced with the inclusion of more comprehensive port data following a new partnership with Shipping Guides Ltd.

The integration of port information from Shipping Guides’ online service FindaportAPI will enable users to benefit from improved ports and port operations data. 
Nautisk Head of Innovation, Kjetil Bentsen, said, “Following the integration of FindaportAPI, the next step will be to develop a feedback module for port information so that users of NaviPlanner can evaluate and update information. This will allow us to give feedback to Shipping Guides directly, allowing them improve and update the port information.”
“Software will be built into the NaviPlanner system with the aim of interacting with the user. This method of crowdsourcing is becoming more common for land-based information systems, but we have yet to see it in the maritime industry. By introducing this into NaviPlanner we are looking to start a trend within the sector,” Bentsen added.
Shipping Guides Technology Director, Feargal Hogan, said, “Including our port data within this voyage planning solution will allow users to benefit from having access to the port data they need to safely and efficiently make a port call, thereby having a complete voyage overview available to them.” 
Hogan continued, “Furthermore, the addition of the feedback module enables NaviPlanner users to affect real change within the industry by relaying important port experiences back to Shipping Guides for inclusion within the data, thereby improving the seafaring experience for others visiting ports and terminals.”
Following its official launch at NorShipping, NaviPlanner is being rolled out across several fleets and initial feedback has been very positive, Nautisk said, adding that further customers are expected to sign up over the next few months.
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