Friday, September 29, 2023
Maritime Propulsion

May 31, 2023

New Bulk Carriers to Feature Ammonia-to-Hydrogen Cracking

Source: PGT

The Norwegian company Pherousa Green Shipping, together with Pherousa Green Technologies, has announced plans for up to six Ultramax dry bulk carriers which will feature ammonia-to-hydrogen cracking technology to provide fuel for onboard fuel cells.

Deltamarin has developed the innovative long endurance ammonia-fueled Ultramax bulk carrier concept together with PGT.

Metacon recently announced the delivery of its first ammonia cracker prototype based on Helbio's unique tubular reforming reactor technology to Pherousa. The technology enables delivery of hydrogen to a PEM fuel cell with fuel quality meeting ISO 14687:2019 standards.

The ability to crack ammonia to hydrogen at this efficiency level and sufficiently compact to be done on board ships, opens up for the possibility to develop carbon free ammonia-based drive trains either as internal combustion engines or fuel cells. The preferred solution could differ depending on individual situations and preferences. However, none of the solutions involve any carbon and thus, both are truly zero CO2 solutions.

Chairman of Pherousa Green Technologies, Hans Bredrup, said: “We are pleased to launch the Pherousa technology at a moment when the impacts of the global climate change have reached new heights. By launching our ammonia-to-hydrogen cracking technology onboard an existing Deltamarin design we aim at taking a lead and show the way for future potential customers of Pherousa and our technology. We are further pleased to do this in company with our partners and shareholders, Helbio, Metacon and HAV Group.”