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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by January 12, 2016

New Energy Storage Solutions for Marine Hybrid Market

XALT Energy’s newest scalable marine power offering for marine power needs, the XPAND Modular Pack Architecture, will be showcased at the 2016 Electric & Hybrid World Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
According to XALT Energy, the system’s design provides workboat operators with an energy storage solution for rapid systems integration in marine power applications.
“The XPAND state‐of‐the‐art Lithium‐ion energy storage system is designed to enhance the fuel efficiency and maneuverability of marine vessels,” said John Warner, vice president sales and marketing of XALT Energy.
“Building upon our more than 20MWh’s of batteries in marine service, this new modular approach provides designers with the flexibility to configure preengineered and pretested battery components to easily meet a wide variety of energy and power profile requirements,” Warner said, adding that XALT Energy is also working closely with several marine suppliers on the overall adoption of XPAND Modules in the marine industry.
The XPAND Battery Module incorporates a number of design features including:
  • Flexibility to offer customers XALT’s large format NMC‐Graphite and Lithium‐Titanate cells.
  • An all‐new battery management system that provides improved cell life and supports flexible system architectures
  • Packaging flexibility to accommodate multiple configurations that deliver 5.5Kwh to 11.1kWh modules and sub‐packs in high‐power, high‐energy and ultra‐high power variants
  • A compact liquid‐cooled thermal management system, that reduces complexity and cost
  • An integrated diagnostic telemetry system for remote real‐time system performance monitoring to provide the highest level of reliability and customer support
XALT Energy said its lithium‐ion energy storage systems will reduce fuel costs in many marine applications, the result of unique power management features. Likewise, associated propellers, rudders and thrusters will improve the vessel’s maneuverability when operating at low speeds. Each system is a perfect paring to any voltage propulsion motor, with frequency converters that facilitate economic, energy‐saving vessel operation.
Renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, but the Achilles heel of harnessing all of that electricity is storage, XALT Energy noted. Batteries play a major role in how electrons can be stockpiled, increasing opportunities to move away from fossil fuels. XALT Energy said the lithium‐ion energy storage systems it manufactures are on track to change the way the world uses energy by delivering energy storage systems that are high performing, safe, sustainable and cost effective.
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