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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by May 6, 2015

New GM for of Thrustmaster Asia Pacific

Thrustmaster of Texas has appointed Joshua Song as General Manager of Singapore-based Thrustmaster Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
"Thrustmaster manufactures L-Drive azimuthing thrusters for drillships, FPSOs and semi-submersibles best suited for Asia Pacific's growing offshore industry," said Joshua Soong. "[Thrustmaster] also provides a unique portable dynamic positioning system for quick dockside conversion of any work barge or ship to a dynamically positioned vessel."
Soong has been in the marine and offshore industry all his working life, holding several senior positions in sales, marketing and general management with Singaporean and international companies.
Soong trained as a marine engineer and has also obtained a Bachelor's degree in computer science and a Masters in finance. He has keen interest in following the development of conventional, diesel electric and hybrid propulsion and Dynamic Positioning Systems.
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