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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by May 29, 2015

New Power Optimization Solution for LNG Carriers

  • NAPA-DSME Power Solution (Image courtesy of NAPA)
  • NAPA-DSME Power Solution (Image courtesy of NAPA)
  • NAPA-DSME Power Solution (Image courtesy of NAPA)
  • NAPA-DSME Power Solution (Image courtesy of NAPA)
NAPA and DSME launch tailored NAPA-DSME Power Solution for LNG carriers; leading LNG carrier shipyard offers specialized performance monitoring solution
South Korean shipbuilder, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and NAPA, a maritime software, services and data analysis provider, now offer a tailored NAPA-DSME Power solution for LNG carriers built by DSME.
According to the developers, the specialist solution aims to ensure transparent and accurate measurement of performance and efficiency aboard LNG carriers, including measurement of boil-off to provide a full 360° view of the operation of these vessels.
As a leading shipyard for LNG carriers, with an annual production capacity of 14 vessels, DSME has been working with NAPA to provide fuel saving optimization software to the international shipping industry since 2011. LNG carriers have a unique operational profile, complicated by the ability to use boil-off from the cargo as fuel. The new NAPA-DSME Power tool will help to achieve balance between the interests of the ship operator and the cargo owner on performance and efficiency, reporting information clearly and transparently to owner, operator and chartering cargo owner.
Odin Kwon, Vice President, Head of Basic Design team, DSME, said, “NAPA-DSME Power is integral to our Green Ship concept and we are pleased that a solution has been developed to extend this offering to our LNG customers. There is an increasing need for transparency and data sharing between charter parties, and for enhancing the energy efficiency of vessels. Our work with NAPA on NAPA-DSME Power ensures that we can deliver a solution which offers both to owners in one single tool.”
Juha Heikinheimo, President, NAPA Group, commented, “Recent years have seen a boom in LNG carriers coming online. These vessels have complicated operational profiles and through cooperation and collaboration, smart tools like NAPA-DSME Power can make a huge contribution to operating them in the most commercially viable way, for the benefit of every part of the value chain.”
NAPA-DSME Power can be used to optimize trim, route, speed profile and engine configuration for any given voyage, and has a specialized LNG tool for the measurement of boil-off and its use as fuel. This data is made accessible to officers onboard as well as teams ashore to aid decisions and enable efficiency optimization in real-time. In addition, it includes a complete office platform, which provides a quick overview of fleet efficiency, including tools for detailed analysis of hull and engine performance, and monitoring achievement of the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP). 
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