Monday, December 6, 2021
Maritime Propulsion

October 2, 2019

New Sulfur Cap Compliance Module Offered

Denmark-hedquartered ship oerformance optimization specialist COACH Solutions has designed a system to facilitate operator compliance with the IMO 2020 global sulfur cap with a new module that provides operators with an overview about fuel types on board a vessel, port locations of each fuel type, and an estimate of the ‘remaining on board’ (ROB) upon arrival at the next port, offering the information necessary for operators to ensure that all high-sulfur fuels have been combusted before the regulation is enforced in cases where there no scrubbers installed on the ship. The system can also assist in optimizing bunker purchases in the next port.

COACH Solutions CEO Anders Bruun explained: “The new overview makes the planning of bunkering much easier for the operator, as they now will have a constant overview of what fuel types are in what tanks, where it has been bunkered and when a specific tank is expected to be empty. This will give them time to take adequate measures to prepare and potentially clean the tank and be ready for the next bunkering. The IMO 2020 module ensures a complete overview of the fuel on board and the capability to manage the increasing challenges of keeping track of the different fuel types after January 1.”