Friday, May 24, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

May 14, 2024

Newly Certified Methanol Valves Enable Design Flexibility

Source: Pres-Vac Engineering

Pres-Vac Engineering has obtained certification of its high-velocity methanol valves under the IMO 1621 standard.

The valves enable greater flexibility in ship design, accommodating long vent-pipes up to 128 meters for DN 65 size, with allowances for even longer pipelines. This development offers shipbuilders and owners unique options in creating more efficient and compliant dual-fuel systems, says Pres-Vac Engineering.

The valves, including the PV-ECO and PV-VOC models, incorporate advanced technological features such as improved flow control and minimized gas emissions. These mechanical valves operate without electronic controls, adding a layer of safety to their functionality.

Sofia Alexandra Grave, R&D Manager at Pres-Vac, stated, “This certification marks an important moment for Pres-Vac as we provide the only valves on the market that meet such stringent standards.”