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Posted by May 27, 2016

Norsafe Debuts New RIB in Gothenburg

  • Photo: Norsafe
  • Photo: Norsafe
  • Photo: Norsafe
  • Photo: Norsafe

Norsafe has released its first RIB, the Marathon 900, to compliment its range of boat models for professional and military customers. 

Launched at High Speed Boat Operations in Gothenburg this month, the new Marathon 900 RIB was demonstrated with two newly developed Mercury outboard engines that can run on diesel fuel. Mercury OptiMax Diesel Outboard, which is developed for the U.S. Armed Forces, is a 3.0 liter V6 engine that produces 175 propshaft horsepower.

Bjarte Skaala, the designer of many of Norsafe’s boats, was present at the launch in Gothenburg and is pleased with the 9 meter RIB’s functionality, seaworthiness as well as the positive response from the participants at HSBO.

“The typical benefits of a RIB are a low center of gravity, large carrying capacity in terms of weight and size, very good stability in the case of water filling the boat, and ‘soft’ inside which reduces the risk of damage to the crew,” Skaala said. “Norsafe’s Marathon 900 RIB concept is modular and flexible, and can be equipped with inboard diesel engines/water jet, stern drives and lifting point for installation in davits.”

The outboard engine from Mercury, which runs on diesel fuel, is comprised of 95 percent of the components of a 225hp gasoline engine, and is a low-compression engine that utilizes an advanced fuel injection concept. To ensure the engine starts in cold environments and to secure a smooth idle, the engine is equipped with both glow plugs and spark plugs. “This concept is especially important for the customers who do not have the opportunity to store gasoline on board a ship, such as naval vessels,” Skaala said.


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