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Maritime Propulsion

October 13, 2022

NYK, MTI earn ClassNK Approval for CBM Ship Maintenance Method

Lubricant oil outlet temperature sensor. Image courtesy NYK

NYK and MTI Co., Ltd. received approval from ClassNK for a new condition-based maintenance (CBM) method implemented on NYK-owned coal carrier Noshiro Maru. 

The certified CBM is a method for monitoring the condition of bearings of large marine diesel engines through temperature data, a method that was adopted in the "CBM Guidelines, Second Edition"4 issued by ClassNK in 2021.

In addition, the Diesel Engine Main Bearing Condition Monitoring System, which visualizes bearing temperature data that can be obtained through sensors installed on the main bearings and ship operation data, has been developed and implemented on the NYK-owned coal carrier Noshiro Maru.

Sensor date graph. Image courtesy NYK