Sunday, June 20, 2021
Maritime Propulsion

June 25, 2019

Online Tool to Help Manage Fuel Costs

We4Sea, a company focused on increasing the fuel efficiency and lower the emissions of seagoing ships, released an update of its online software platform. "The update is a next step in their mission to provide shipowners and ship charterers with improved analysis tools, and replace outdated noon-reports as the main source of management information," it said. "In pilot projects, We4Sea has proven that using data analysis can substantially cut fuel costs, up to 20%," it claimed.

Dan Veen, CEO of We4Sea stated: “Our in-house technology uses satellites and artificial intelligence to report individual ship fuel consumption, something that will have opportunities for owners, shippers, charterers and regulators alike. All parties can benefit of an unprecedented transparency of fuel efficiency reporting, helping them to reduce bunker costs."

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