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Posted by July 5, 2016

Oriental Jubilee: World First with "SCRUBBER READY" Notation

The Unique Shipping Group christened its new DNV GL-classed vessel Oriental Jubilee in Ulsan, Korea recently. It is the first vessel to receive the DNV GL SCRUBBER READY notation. Credit: Unique Shipping Group

DNV GL welcomed the Unique Shipping Group’s new vessel Oriental Jubilee into class when it was christened in Ulsan, Korea recently. The 84,000 cu. m. LPG carrier was built by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in Ulsan and is the first vessel to be awarded the DNV GL SCRUBBER READY notation. 
The SCRUBBER READY notation is an important development, as making space for new technologies and equipment onboard commercial ships is a conundrum for shipowners as they decide which technology to implement to reduce emissions. This notations takes into account all the relevant factors for the installation of scrubbers, ranging from space and stability requirements, to fire safety, piping, corrosion resistance, and the effect on the main engine. This helps to reduce off-hire time and retrofitting costs if a scrubber system is fitted in the future. DNV GL also offers scrubber advisory services to support customers, from building the business case, to risk assessment of the design, installation, commissioning, hardware-in-the-loop testing of the control system, right through to the system entering into operation.
Oriental Jubilee and its sister vessel, which is scheduled for delivery in September 2017, have been prepared for the installation of a hybrid scrubber system based on an existing design and technology. The unit can also be connected with multiple exhaust gas inlets from the ships’ main engine, three diesel engines and the boiler.
Designed for global operation, the Oriental Jubilee took its maiden voyage to the Persian Gulf in the middle of June.
Oriental Jubilee specifications: 
Length, o.a. 225.131 m
Breadth 36.6 m
Depth 22.2 m
Draft 12 m
Class DNV GL
Capacity 84,000 cu. m.
Notations Scrubber Ready (H, MI, MISC), +1A1 Tanker for liquefied gas, BIS BWM (T,E(s)), COAT-PSPC(B) and E0 NAUTICUS (Newbuilding) Recyclable TMON


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