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Maritime Propulsion

November 10, 2020

OXE300 Diesel Outboard EPA Tier 3 Certified

(Image: OXE Marine)

OXE Marine AB has received the official approval and issuance of EPA Tier 3 certificate for OXE300. The certificate is valid for a all power ratings the manufacturer has applied for, 200-310 hp prop power, which further extends the potential of the power-range for the certified OXE300 unit.

The EPA certification approval allows OXE Marine AB to sell and distribute its OXE300 in all markets where EPA Tier 3 certificate is required. The approval covers commercial and leisure use.

In addition to the OXE300 EPA certification the company has also been awarded with EPA-EIAPP certificate for US-flagged vessels. The Issued EIAPP certificate also grant the possibility for the shipowner to apply for exemption from the valid IMO Tier III rules. The exemption can be applied for with other Maritime administrations that will require IMO Tier III cert from January 1, 2021.

OXE Marine AB can now brand the OXE engines with the EPA emission label with the certificate No. MCABN03.0OXE-001. The company has previously been awarded with the same certificate for OXE125-200 for MY2020.