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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by March 31, 2015

Palfinger Chooses NAMJet Waterjets

  • Photos courtesy of Palfinger
  • Photos courtesy of Palfinger

Netherlands-based Palfinger Boats has launched the first of two Damen-designed FRSQ 1200 fast-rescue/oil response vessels.


Built in Harderwijk, Netherlands, the 12-meter (40-foot) vessel is powered by dual 440-horsepower (hp) Yanmar diesels mated to twin NAMJet TJ431 HH waterjets.

Designed to be carried aboard larger ships as a “daughter-craft,” the 9.6-ton vessel’s primary mission is oil spill response, which will make exceptional use of the vessel’s 4.1-ton bollard pull capacity. The boat’s Brazilian owners, OCEANPACT, cite swift acceleration and top-end speeds as mission-critical performance characteristics at sea, making the vessel’s 35-knot top speed and 31-knot cruise speed an ideal match. To better fit its rescue parameters, the vessel also serves as a dive platform for launch and recovery of divers.

Palfinger partnered with NAMJet to customize one of the waterjet manufacturer’s unique “Twin Pak” designs, which simplifies installation of the vessel’s twin TJ431 HH waterjets by turning the jets at an angle and welding them directly into the hull to become part of the vessel’s structure. The design eliminates the need for transition ducts or transom plates while greatly improving its overall performance.

Damen-designed FRSQ 1200 fast-rescue/oil response vessels at a glance:


  • Builder: Palifnger Boats, The Netherlands
  • Design: Damen Gorinchem
  • Length: 12M (40 feet)
  • Beam: 2.3M (7.5 feet)
  • Weight: 9.58 Tons (Full fuel, 8 crew, tow gear)
  • Top Speed: 34.8 Knots
  • Cruise Speed: 31.1 Knots
  • Bollard Pull: 4.1 Tons (freshwater conditions)
  • Engines: Twin Yanmar 6LY2A-STP (440hp @3300 rpm)
  • Waterjets: NAMJet TJ431 HH Twin Pak
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