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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by June 7, 2017

PBES Launches Harpoon Product Line

Photo: PBES

Plan B Energy Storage (PBES), a providers of battery energy solutions for the marine market, announced the launch of its Harpoon battery product line. Harpoon Power 65 and Harpoon Energy 97 energy storage systems deliver a faster return on investment from battery technology, and utilize the latest advances in lithium-ion cell technology to deliver a safe, high quality and commercially viable clean technology solution for ship owners and operators.

Specifically designed and suited for commercial applications and with up to 90,000-hour calendar life, Harpoon Energy 97 is a weight-efficient energy storage system created by PBES, suited for cruise ships and fast ferries where space and weight are at a premium. The system provides at 35 percent decrease in the cost, weight and volume of the battery while maintaining industry leading quality and safety standards.
Harpoon Power 65 is a continuation of an existing PBES line, and is capable of more than 15,000 cycles at 80 percent Depth of Discharge (DOD). This makes it ideal for applications where more power is needed for longer, such as vessels operating in remote locations.
Both systems incorporate PBES’ Thermal-Stop and CellCool systems, which together offer a commercialized energy storage product to prevent thermal runaway (lithium battery fire). The systems also utilise PBES’ CellSwap technology, which allows the re-coring of batteries after five years. The technology further enhances lifecycle value and allows users to benefit sooner from advances in battery technology.
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