Friday, March 1, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

January 22, 2024

Penguin Marks Milestone Crewboat Delivery

(Photo: Tractors Singapore Limited)

Singaporean shipbuilder Penguin International Limited last week held a ceremony marking the delivery of a milestone vessel.

The 40-meter aluminum crewboat, Pelican Breeze, is noteworthy for being Penguin's 100th newbuild vessel powered by Cat C32 ACERT main propulsion engines and Cat C4.4 auxiliary generators.

"Back in 2014, almost two decades after we built our first ship, we took our first step with Caterpillar and Tractors Singapore with our first Cat C32-powered vessel, which was only our 95th newbuild at the time," said Penguin's managing director, James Tham. "Today, just one decade later, we are celebrating the delivery of Penguin's 100th newbuild powered by Cat C32 main engines."

"This milestone is as much a testimony to the quality and reliability of Caterpillar's products as it is an endorsement of Caterpillar and the authorized Cat dealer for Singapore, Tractors Singapore, as a purveyor of world-class customer service," Tham said.

Alan Ow, managing director of Tractors Singapore Limited, said, "Congratulations to Penguin on this milestone, which also attests to the growing market demand for your world-class vessels. We value your continued trust in Tractors Singapore through the years, and we look forward to more collaborations as we strive towards a more sustainable world.”

Christened PELICAN BREEZE, this milestone vessel is a 40m aluminum multi-role FLEX-40SC MAX crewboat. Penguin's FLEX series of crewboats are well known in the offshore and maritime security industries for their speed, comfort and endurance.

(Photo: Tractors Singapore Limited)