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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by November 20, 2015

Pittsburgh Coalition Receives Marine Air Quality Grant

Cutting-edge Demonstration Project on the Rivers.

The Shearer Group, Inc. (TSGI) is proud to be participating with Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities (PRCC) and Clean Fuels Clean Rivers (CFCR) to conduct a marine air quality study centered on the conversion of an inland towboat to dual fuel diesel/liquid natural gas (LNG) to reduce diesel emissions in marine vessels.

The Maritime Administration (MARAD) Maritime Environmental and Technical Assistance Program (META) grant awarded to the CFCR coalition is the first-ever awarded by the federal government specifically targeting the marine community operating in the Nation's inland rivers. The coalition will convert a harbor towboat to burn LNG as its fuel source, monitoring the emissions before and after. The project will require developing the technology to support the LNG conversion and the emissions monitoring.

The CFCR goal is to research and develop the technology to allow marine operators to use a clean burning alternative to diesel. This in turn allows them to meet new EPA emission requirements and reduce environmental impact to the inland waterways.

"We are excited about receiving the first grant of its kind from MARAD," said Rick Price, Executive Director of PRCC. "Our selection highlights the quality partnerships the PRCC has developed over the years. We look forward to leading the way in the national effort to conduct environmentally responsible marine operations on our Nation's river systems."

TSGI will be providing naval architecture services for the conversion of the vessel. It is expected to be the first dual fuel LNG towboat on the inland waterways upon completion of the conversion.

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