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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by December 20, 2016

Polymer: An Alternative Bearing Material

Photo: Vesconite

Be it a mega yacht, workboat or ship, tremendous forces are put on warping rollers. Traditionally manufactured with bronze bearings that require regular maintenance and greasing, Vesconite is the modern polymer alternative that outclasses metallic materials, according to its manufacturer.

Vesconite is self-lubricating and performs when dry or wet with seawater. Because it doesn't need grease or oil, it's environmentally friendly and complies with the EPA's Uniform National Discharge Standards.
It provides low friction and zero stick-slip. This is essential to deck safety and ensuring mooring lines aren't damaged when under tension.
Vesconite is dimensionally stable and has high compression strength under a wide range of temperatures. It doesn't swell with moisture and offers up to ten times the usable life of bronze.
The material is available in finished parts or as stock material. It's easily machined with tolerances +/-0.001". Hollow bar, solid rod and plate stock is offered in a wide range of dimensions and thicknesses.
Vesconite bears type approval certifications from ABS, Bureau Veritas, China Corporation Register of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Germanische Lloyds, Korean Register of Shipping, Lloyds Register and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. It is accredited to ISO 9001.
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