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Maritime Propulsion

Posted by April 13, 2017

GE Reports Milestones on Australian Navy Builds

  • Hobart AWD during sea acceptance trials march 2017 (Photo: GE Marine)
  • LM2500 (Photo: GE Marine)
  • Hobart AWD during sea acceptance trials march 2017 (Photo: GE Marine)
  • LM2500 (Photo: GE Marine)

GE’s Marine Solutions reports several milestones have been reached on the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) program. The three Hobart class destroyers, being built for the Royal Australian Navy, will be powered by the most widely used gas turbine in the marine industry, the GE LM2500.  The LM2500 is used by 35 navies worldwide and sets the benchmark for reliability based on over 14 million operating hours in the marine environment and another 65 million in industrial applications.
The first AWD, NUSHIP Hobart, successfully completed sea acceptance trials off the south coast of Australia and is scheduled to be delivered in June, according to a March 6 press release from the AWD Alliance.
Each AWD features two LM2500s configured in a COmbined Diesel Or Gas turbine (CODOG) arrangement with two diesel engines. The destroyers are based on the design developed by Navantia of Spain for the Spanish Navy’s F100 frigate program (Alvaro de Bazan class). GE LM2500s also power the RAN’s Adelaide and Anzac class frigates, and the two Landing Helicopter Dock ships - HMA Ships Canberra and Adelaide - both the largest ships ever built for the RAN. 

The GE LM2500-family includes the base LM2500 model (25 megawatts), LM2500+ (30 megawatts) and LM2500+G4 (35 megawatts) – a suite of engines to meet any mission profile. These gas turbines can be applied in a variety of propulsion configurations so naval architects have design flexibility. The LM2500 gas turbines were manufactured in Evendale, Ohio.
Through a separate multi-year agreement, GE provides the Australian Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group’s Maritime Cross-Platform Systems Program Office with depot level maintenance for the 16 LM2500 gas turbines that power Adelaide and Anzac class frigates. Depot level maintenance is performed by Air New Zealand Gas Turbines, an authorized LM2500 service center and longtime RAN service provider. GE also provides program management, on-site field service support, warehousing and inventory management including spare parts and inventory replenishment throughout the life of the contract. The agreement helps to ensure the RAN optimum fleet readiness and lower total cost of ownership.
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