Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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January 8, 2019

Repsol Lubricants Commits to Total Lubmarine Network

Elsa Dias de la Fuente, Marine & Power Generation Manager, Lubricants and Specialized Products, Repsol; Francisco Javier Miranda Cordente, Spain Lubricants Director, Repsol; Robert Joore, General Manager, Total Lubmarine and David Pivetta, Commercial Director Marine Lubricants South Europe/Africa/India & Middle East, Total Lubmarine. (Photo: Total Lubmarine)

Repsol Lubricants, a member of the Total Lubmarine network for more than 50 years, has formally committed to extend its relationship with Total Lubmarine for a further three years, building upon a relationship that was first established between the two companies in 1962.

The Total Lubmarine network is made up of a range of partners who are able to manufacture in strategic locations and help enable lubricants to be delivered to more than 1,000 ports worldwide.

"This renewed agreement will continue to ensure quality products for our customers in Spain, Gibraltar and Peru," said Robert Joore, General Manager, Total Lubmarine.

According to Total Lubmarine, the continued partnership with Respol Lubricants increases its competitiveness in each region. In Peru, for example, Total Lubmarine will now be using a regional supply chain instead of a European one, harnessing more local knowledge to fulfill customer's requirements.

"[The partnership] is particularly good news for our shipping customers calling at Gibraltar and Algeciras, two of the Mediterranean's most important bunkering hubs," said Francisco Javier Miranda Cordente, Spain Lubricants Director, Repsol.

Total Lubmarine said the partnership ensures customers in Spain and Gibraltar continue to receive value in a competitive market.