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Posted by September 18, 2017

RSC Bio Solutions Gains Kawasaki OEM Approvals

RSC Bio Solutions, a provider of high performance Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) - hydraulic fluids, gear oils and greases - and industrial cleaners and solvents, said it has received OEM approvals for use in Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP) and side thrusters.

The RSC EnviroLogic HF 68 HP was approved for use in Kawasaki Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP). RSC EnviroLogic HF 68 HP is a high performance, readily biodegradable, synthetic ISO 68 grade hydraulic fluid. Intended for use in severe conditions, including extreme high temperatures (250°F / 121°C), low temperatures (-40°F / -40°C) and high pressure (5000+ psi / 34,470 kPa) applications, the product exhibits enhanced wear protection, cleanliness and longer life than conventional petroleum hydraulic oils.
In addition, RSC Bio Solutions received a second OEM approval for its EnviroLogic GO 100 product, applicable to Kawasaki side thrusters. RSC EnviroLogic GO 100 is a high performance, readily biodegradable, synthetic ISO 100 grade gear oil that provides the highest anti-wear/extreme pressure properties, excellent corrosion and rust protection, as well as outstanding system cleanliness characteristics. The performance characteristics of RSC EnviroLogic GO 100 make it suitable in a wide variety of industrial gear applications where incidental exposure of the oil to the environment is of concern.
Both the RSC EnviroLogic HF 68 HP and the RSC EnviroLogic GO 100 products are designed for use in offshore tankers, shipping lines, roll-on / roll-off carriers, break bulk carriers, container ships, shipping lines and passenger car ferries. Additionally, both products can directly replace petroleum oil-based products of the same viscosity, resulting in a reduced environmental impact in the event of a leak or spill, as they are readily biodegradable and non-sheening.
These additions to the already extensive list of RSC Bio Solutions’ Marine and Land OEM Approvals allow the company to serve a wide array of customers who use various types of industrial equipment, primarily in the marine transportation, offshore oil and gas, construction, turf management, agriculture and utility fleet industries.
“RSC Bio Solutions’ HEPR technology has inherent advantages that drive economic value and enable environmental leadership,” said Dr. Bernard C. Roell, Jr., vice president of research and development for RSC Bio Solutions. “Gaining these Kawasaki approvals is another reaffirmation of the superior performance of our solutions.”
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