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Posted by May 27, 2015

Scandlines Orders Ferry Battery System

Corvus Energy announces the signing of marine Energy Storage System (ESS) contract with Scandlines Denmark ApS; world’s largest battery hybrid electric fleet orders additional 2.6 MWh of Corvus lithium polymer batteries
Corvus Energy announced that that it will deliver an additional 2.6 MWh battery system to German-Danish passenger ferry company Scandlines – operators of the world’s largest battery hybrid electric ferry fleet.
Scandlines’ fleet of battery hybrid ferries currently include: the M/V Deutschland, M/V Schleswig-Holstein, M/V Prins Richard and M/V Prinsesse Benedikte, with the M/V Copenhagen and M/V Berlin under construction.  Each vessel has between 1.5 MWh and 2.6 MWh of energy storage.
Scandlines’ battery hybrid electric ferries provide an economic link between Denmark and Germany, with daily sailings on multiple routes between these countries. Scandlines ferries outfitted with a Corvus ESS have been proven to significantly improve the engine efficiency leading to reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lower maintenance costs and significantly decreased fuel costs.
President and CEO of Corvus Energy Andrew Morden said, “Scandlines is a key partner and we are pleased to support their pioneering efforts in expanding the world’s largest hybrid electric ferry fleet. Our industry leading energy storage technology supports Scandlines’ operational goals of increasing efficiencies and minimizing the environmental impact of their vessels.”
Scandlines CEO Søren Poulsgaard Jensen said, “Corvus is an important strategic partner in our continued implementation of new technologies to improve the operational efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact of our ferry fleet. Their innovative battery technology enables significant vessel performance improvements in both areas which also supports our ongoing commitment to service excellence.”
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