Sunday, April 21, 2024
Maritime Propulsion

March 18, 2024

Schottel Breaks Ground for Rudder Propeller Factory Expansion in Germany

  • Ground breaking ceremony for new logistics center (Credit: Schottel)
  • Rendering of the new logistics center (Credit: Schottel)
  • Ground breaking ceremony for new logistics center (Credit: Schottel)
  • Rendering of the new logistics center (Credit: Schottel)

Schottel has marked the symbolic start of construction for the expansion of its rudder propeller factory in Dörth, with the construction already advancing towards the planned commissioning in 2025.

Schottel is expanding its rudder propeller factory by adding a logistics center measuring around 4,000 m2.

As the official ground-breaking ceremony was delayed, it has now taken place symbolically against the backdrop of the shell construction that has already begun.

The total investment volume amounts to €9.5 million, with start of operations set for the first half of 2025.

According to Schottel, the construction work by general contractor Goldbeck is on schedule. The expansion will 2,634 m2 industrial floor space, equipped with an efficiently designed incoming goods processing system, crane systems and a fully automated warehouse.

The foundations for the adjoining office wing with 1,326 m2 of usable space are currently being laid and construction of the three-storey building is due to start in the spring.

Regular operations are expected to commence in the first half of 2025 once the building has been accepted and operational facilities have been installed. This will merge the currently double warehouse logistics of goods for the production of new thrusters in Dörth with those of the spare parts business from Spay, 30 km apart. 

Schottel said it will manufacture more than 350 large and small thrusters in Dörth in 2024 for shipyards in the global maritime centers.

With the orders for the Wismar plant, more than 500 propulsion systems are on the order books with delivery dates until the end of December.

In addition, there is a growing demand for spare parts in after sales: around 10,000 ships worldwide sail with SCHOTTEL, either with one or with up to five units. In future, customers will benefit from a significantly higher availability of spare parts for these thrusters, the company said.

The employees at the service warehouse to be moved to Dörth will be provided with ultramodern workplaces at the new logistics center. The employees in the commercial, technical and industrial departments as well as those in the administrative after-sales will remain in Spay.